Get Involved with the Zoo


Bring your family to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium for an untamed adventure!

Stretching for 90 acres, the Zoo is home to more than 700 wildlife species including big cats, elephants, gorillas, manatees, bonobos and more!

Asia Quest

Immerse yourself in an ancient Asian city complete with all the sounds and smells of a Himalayan village where you will learn about Asian culture through interactive exhibits and come face-to-face with Asia’s rarely seen natural wonders, the animals. Encounter sun bears, markhor, red pandas, langurs, Pallas’ cats, giant fruit bats, colorful pheasants and the majestic and endangered, Siberian tiger.

Then, venture through the pachyderm building, the world’s largest exhibit of its kind, with an attached panoramic outdoor habitat during the summer months. Visit Bohdi, an Asian elephant born at the Zoo in 2004, and the endangered black rhino.

North America

Travel through the Zoo’s largest region and discover animals living in your own backyard including cougars, wolverines, otters and bobcats. Listen to the wolves howl, watch a bald eagle take flight and experience the power of a bear on the hunt.

Then, don’t miss Habitat Hollow, a kid-friendly, interactive area emphasizing the importance of conservation and recycling. Walk next door to My Barn to meet and interact with various barnyard animals such as goats, sheep and chickens.

POLAR FRONTIER in North America

The cool will return to the Zoo on May 6, 2010! Polar Frontier is a state-of-the-art interactive exhibit that will be home to two polar bears, two Alaskan brown bears and Arctic foxes.

Polar bears are back! Their new 1.3-acre yard is specially designed to be the ultimate polar bear habitat - with lots of rocks, two pools, smell ports, dig pits and shelters. The still pool is about 167,000 gallons and has areas where guests can view the bears from above, at eye-level and from below.

Polar Frontier also includes the Batelle Ice Bear Outpost - an interpretive center with engaging games. There is also a polar themed playground area for children.

African Forest

Home to endangered lowland gorillas, rare bonobos, red river hogs, leopards, okapi, Colobus monkeys, and over 700 species of plant life indigenous to Africa, this region is sure to be top on your list. Explore the bonobo yard and glance into the fascinating world of these highly endangered and intelligent great apes. Then, stop by “Gorillas in the Round,” a special outdoor exhibit where you can experience the gorillas including Colo, the world’s first great ape born in captivity, from every angle.


This exciting Australian adventure will transport you to a world where a kiwi is not a fruit, but a national bird, lorikeets land on your shoulder to indulge in bittersweet cups of nectar and kangaroos hop beside you as you uncover the mysteries of the land down under.

Embark on a simulated Australian night hike at Bob and Evelyn’s Roadhouse and encounter clouded leopards, a tree kangaroo, tiger quoll and one of the largest known porcupines. Then, delve into the bird sanctuary and lose yourself in the bright colors and sounds of birds native to Australia.

Complete your Aussie experience with a visit to the koala exhibit where you can view these tree-loving marsupials in their natural habitat.

Next, enjoy a stroll through the Kangaroo Walkabout, a uniquely designed outdoor exhibit where the kangaroos practically hop along beside you. Turn the corner and adventure through the Lorikeet garden where these exotic birds will land on your shoulder and sip nectar from cups in your hand.

The Islands of Southeast Asia

Take a jaunt across the Islands of Southeast Asia to see komodo dragons, orangutans, gibbons, Asian small-clawed otters and various Indonesian birds. Surround yourself with architecture native to the area and learn about the dangers facing these brilliant animals.

But your Asian voyage doesn’t end there. Be sure to sail through the Islands on the Indonesian water taxi, a family-friendly boat ride providing a unique view of the animals and their habitats.

The Shores

Dive into the Shores Region and come eye-to-eye with a West Indian manatee, housed in Manatee Coast, one of only two manatee facilities outside of Florida. Watch as electric colored fish and sharks swim by in our 100,000 gallon saltwater tank, find out what it’s like to touch a starfish at the Tidepool Touchtank and explore one of the finest indoor reptile exhibits in the world, the Reptile Building.