Get Involved with the Zoo

North America

Discover the wild wonders of the wetlands, prairies and forests found in the wilderness as you travel through North America, presented by Nationwide Insurance.

Who You’ll Meet

Along your adventure, you can listen to a wolf howl, marvel as a bald eagle spreads its wings, come face-to-face with playful Alaskan brown bears and watch majestic polar bears from land and underwater! To learn about all the animals you’ll met in this region, visit our animal page.

Just for the Kids

Kids can explore several areas designed just for them throughout North America.
  • My Barn at Habitat Hollow: Families can get up-close with some of our favorite barnyard animals like goats and chickens. You also can learn some of the ways we rely on these animals, like gathering eggs for food and using wool for clothing.
  • My House at Habitat Hollow: Kids can crawl, climb and tumble through this magical storybook house made of recycled materials, while learning ways they can help protect the environment.
  • Nationwide Insurance’s Polar Playground: Little adventurers can explore this play area, located in Polar Frontier.
  • Batelle Ice Bear Outpost: In Polar Frontier, children can learn about conservation in the artic through engaging games and activities.

Connecting to Conservation

But that’s not all you’ll discover! While exploring Batelle Ice Bear Outpost in Polar Frontier, you’ll learn how our changing climate is impacting the fragile Artic ecosystem. You’ll also learn how the Zoo is working to help many of the endangered animals that live there. The Zoo supports conservation projects dedicated to preserving the precious wildlife found in these remote artic regions, like Polar Bear International. With the help of the Zoo, Polar Bear International manages projects like climate change research, environmental stewardship and educational outreach campaigns – all focused on saving polar bears and their sea ice habitat.